President Samia dissolves Tanzania Ports Authority, Shipping Corporation boards

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President Samia Suluhu Hassan has dissolved the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) board and the Shipping Corporation by removing its chairmen after dissatisfaction with their performance.

President Samia announced the decision on Saturday, December 4 2021at the launch of pier number 0 to 7 at the port of Dar es Salaam.

Prior to the announcement, President Samia described some of the shortcomings facing the authority, some of which were in the Auditor General’s (CAG) report questioning why no action has been taken to date.

The outgoing TPA board was made up of its chairman Prof Ignas Rubaratuka and the deputy is Dr Delphine Magere. The members are Malata Pascal, Dr Jabiri Bakari, Masanja Kadogosa, Jayne Nyimbo, Engineer Ephrem Kirenga and Eric Hamissi who is the Director General of Ports.

She also called on PCCB to investigate the boards for what was going on at the port and to take action against those responsible for the financial losses mentioned in the report.

“Director, PCCB I hereby order you to take action against these persons as soon as possible and if there is no report, I will give you the details of what happened here “ Said President Samia.

She said that the payment systems in the port have long been tampered with by employees, which shows that the freight has already been paid for at the gate in the truest sense of the word, it is not that it leads to a loss of revenue for the country.

She asked the Anti-Transplant Agency to find answers to why this was all happening, but the board of directors and the staff involved were still involved in the s also addressed the approval of a bogus tender by the Shipping Corporation, while knowing that the correct criteria were not being met and the board of directors was involved in the approval, the government only came out after sending people to Turkey to be killed to investigate the company.

She called the Minister of Labor and Transport to take immediate action and if he fails he should inform her to take the necessary steps, including appointing a new Minister.

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